Behavioural Consulting

Consultation (approximately 2 hours)
  •   Evaluation
  •   Discuss problem
  •   Reasons the problem occurs
  •   Setting up a suitable program
  •   Explain how to implement program
  •   Demonstration of any exercises required in   program
  •   Notes given at consult or via e-mail
Follow up (approx 1 hour) two to three weeks later
  •   Re evaluate the dog
  •   Discuss any questions
  •   Adjust the program
  •   Add new exercises if required
  •   Further notes via e-mail if required
Program: either carried out at your home with all family members attending, or at a convienient location. The Majority of dog problems can be sorted out in two visits, although this can vary.

Group Training

to 1 hour sessions

One on One

to 1 hour sessions

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