Children & Dogs in Harmony

Helping children and dogs to live in harmony

Please teach all children who come into contact with your dog the following:

Show all children how to approach a dog and how to play safely around one, by following the rules. Always ask before approaching a strange dog, and never approach a strange dog if the owner is not present.

Parents must be extra vigilant with dogs around children, dogs will, and do bite no matter how meek and mild they appear, or have always been with the family.

Teach all Children these basic rules.


  •  Blow in their faces
  •  Tease them
  •  Flap your arms and squeal
  •  Smack or pat hard on the head or other part of their body
  •  Pull ears, skin or whiskers
  •  Hug around the neck
  •  Stare directly in their eyes this can be seen as a big challenge
  •  Run with them chasing you
  •  Ever try to stop dogs fighting
  •  Pat when dog is eating
  •  Pat when he is sleeping
  •  Pat when he has a bone
  •  Pat when he is tied up
  •  Pat when he is in a car or behind a fence
  •  Pat when he has one of his toys
  •  Pat when there are no adults around
  •  Rush up to a dog, let the dog come to you
  •  Reach over the top of the dog's head to grasp the collar.
  •  Lean forward over the dog, better to turn side on and crouch slightly if taller than the dog

Show children how to stroke gently along the dog's side, or scratch his chest. Teach your children to play fetch and hide games rather than tug and chasing games.

Pups can be very wriggly and hard to hold so very small children should sit on the floor where they can hold them in their lap.

Always use two hands to pick up a pup, put one hand around his chest and tummy and the other supporting his bottom.

Hold him close to your body so he feels more secure and will prevent you from dropping him if he starts to wriggle and squirm. Never chase a puppy as they can get scared and will run away. Sit quietly and he will come back when he is ready to play.

Always wait for the dog to come to you to play do not go and disturb him when you want to play.

The major goal of family pet training is to teach all family members, friends, visitors and strangers how to safely control the dog.

Keep training fun!

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