At Dogs On Track, we offer a wide range of services some of which are listed below:

  •  Aggression toward people
  •  Aggression toward other dogs
  •  Disobedient, unruly behaviour
  •  Dominant behaviour
  •  Nuisance barking
  •  Destructive behavior (chewing, digging & fence  running)
  •  Pack hierarchy problems in multiple dog  household
  •  Separation anxiety

Training - One on one from basic obedience to more advanced, from individual to small group classes.

Different breeds as well as different individuals progress at differing rates so don't be too discouraged if your dog takes a little longer to grasp a new exercise. Some may have it in a few sessions and some may take up to 40 or more. Be patient and consistent and you will eventually get there. I tailor a specialised program to suit you and your pets needs.

Puppy training - Teaching early manners.

Puppy Pre-School Instructor Training

Small group classes - teaching basic training skills for dogs with similar problems in an informal setting. (Recalls, stays, and loose lead walking, progressing to low intensity distractions)

Remedial work - catering for dog aggressive cases using a calm non-reactive dog to rehabilitate them.

Behavioural problems

There are many factors that contribute to problem behaviour. Dogs see themselves in most cases as not having any problems but we on the other hand find their behaviour unacceptable, be it annoying, destructive or downright dangerous. This causes a stressful situation for everyone including our friends and neighbours.

As a behavioural trainer I deal with a broad range of problems ranging from digging, excessive barking, destructive chewing, anxiety and mouthing to more serious problems of aggression related to fear or rank, to mention but a few of them.

Email and phone support is provided in conjunction with your consultation. To help keep ahead of any arising problems please contact me on a regular basis so we can adjust your program to suit your specific needs.

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