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The following excerpt is from Deb, who's dog Monah was very fearful not only of other dogs and people but sudden noises or movement. The flutter of a leaf would trigger her into fearful flight, with tail clamped tightly between her legs she would run around nervously barking.

I have a female desexed purebred dog that I bought at 13 weeks of age. She was quite fearful and nervous especially around other dogs and children and even strangers.

We spent many, many hours socialising and training her and did have some success. However, when we got another puppy at the time our first dog was a year old, she was aggressive toward the pup and very unreliable.

After a little while I realised I needed professional help as soon as possible and I found Jane through an acquaintance. We set up a consultation and took our dog with us.

Jane had our dog worked out very quickly and spent much more time with us than originally booked. She was very pleasant to talk to and also understanding and gave us confidence and hope that we could alleviate most of our problems with some hard work.

Jane emailed a special program to follow and I followed it completely. The changes in our dog occurred within a few days. She was much more consistent in her behaviour, and recognised us as being in charge so there was no need for her to be nervous or fearful. Jane emailed regularly with updates to the program and advice and prevented me from feeling like giving up.

Now, after 2 years, my dog is just a wonderful, clever, loving part of the family and we adore her. I still keep the program available in case we ever slide backwards, and Jane and I are still in contact. This is a person who genuinely cares about the outcome of her programs and takes a huge amount of interest in every situation.

I had tried many dog trainers and different training methods, but it was a behavourist I needed and we have never looked back.

Thank you Jane!!!

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