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I first met Jane when I was referred to her by Steve Courtney from K9 Force in NSW. At the time I had a male husky who, after being attacked numerous times, had developed fear aggression towards other dogs.

It had gotten to a point that he would lunge at any dog that walked by us and if given the opportunity would grab another dog by the scruff of the neck and shake it.

Although he is actually quite calm for a husky, loves people and is well behaved at home, if another dog was in his sight I struggled to get his focus back and to control his lunging and pulling from the other end of the leash.

I thought it would take many sessions with Jane to train Micha's aggression to a managable level, but after meeting Jane for a one on one session, she tailored a training program that was so easy to implement that we didn't need another session.

Over the next few months Jane gave me plenty of support via email and Micha came along in leaps and bounds. I was even able to take Micha to obedience club and get him to sit/stay metres away from a strange dog, 100% focus on me!

But Jane's support and assistance went beyond helping me with Micha's aggression. I also have a beagle who has proven to be the most difficult dog I have ever owned - Jane has always been on hand to help me with Daisy, from a quick question to essay length emails where I was almost in tears over how stubborn and difficult the "evil beagle" was!

It has been two years since I first met Jane and not only do I have a dog aggressive dog that has made huge progress but a beagle who would be no where near as obedient as she is now if it was for Jane's continuous help and advice.

I cannot thank Jane enough!

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