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K9 Force I am delighted to write a reference for Jane Harper of Dogs On Track as I have known Jane for a number of years & have been referring my distance clients to her for follow up, with great success I might add.

Jane has a natural ability (backed up with many years of experience) in dealing with dogs in both training for obedience to trial level & rehabilitating dogs with behaviour problems from mild to severe. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane & watch her work with dogs that I would feel many trainers would deem "very difficult cases".

Working in the behaviour field also requires the behaviourist to have excellent communication, follow up, planning skills & of course patience, all of which Jane has mastered. I don't think there has been one case I have referred to Jane that has not contacted me at a later date absolutely raving about the work Jane has achieved with them.

Jane has attended many of my workshops & events all over Australia; her commitment to learning is outstanding.

I run one of the major behaviour consultancies in Australia & am kept busy solely by word of mouth referrals, so it is very important for me to maintain my reputation by only referring people to behaviourists around the country who I know will perform at a high standard each and every time.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I never hesitate to recommend my friend and colleague, Jane Harper

Steve Courtney

Nationally Accredited Dog Obedience Trainer

Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Dog Trainer

Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist

K9 Force Professional Dog Training & Behavioural Consultancy


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